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We have been offering our services for many years, and this is some of the things people have to say about LearnFrenchNYC:

Barry Newman, Wall Street JournalBarry Newman Testimonial

I've had many French tutors over the years. I'm pleased to say that Eric, of LearnFrenchNYC, has been the only one whose mastery of grammar and explanatory skill in both French and English have enabled me to make progress. Because of my tight schedule, and my devotion to French primarily as a hobby, I'm the kind of student who sees tutorial sessions as opportunities for random—and enjoyable—conversation. Eric is not only a fascinating conversationalist, but also an absolutist who never hesitates to interrupt the flow of my brilliant speeches to correct my numerous mistakes. He does so with a charming persistence.

I gladly recommend him to the broadest range of students--from those seeking didactic discipline to those in search of an enlightening échange de bons mots.

Barry Newman Reporter

Barry Newman Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.

Arthur Pomponio, Ph.D, LP, NCPsyAArt Pomponio Testimonial

I write to fully endorse Eric as a language instructor.
We have worked together for over six months. In that time, he has helped me in a variety of creative and often entertaining ways to absorb what for me is a difficult language. He is, however, far more than a person with an appealing style who happens to speak French. His knowledge of French grammar is comprehensive and deep. Further, he has a powerful command of foreign language pedagogy. He is a genuine teacher. He quickly assessed my (in)capabalities and customized an approach to help me consolidate what I already knew while inspiring further development.

I look forward to my weekly meetings with Eric. He is personable, professional, sophisticated, and reliable. I have already referred Eric to another student who reports similar satisfaction with his teaching abilities.

With his help, I expect to be able to carry on serviceable conversations the next time I visit France.

Art Pomponio Psychanalyst

Arthur Pomponio Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.

Marcus Edward, Credit Industriel et CommercialMarcus Edward Testimonial

Eric is my idea of a perfect tutor:  serious about his profession, flexible in his approach, and possessed of a sense of humor.

It is a--in my opinion, well-priced--luxury to have his help with my French studies.  I've made enormous progress towards fluency thanks to him, which has been personally satisfying and professionally valuable.

Marcus Edward Managing Director

Marcus Eward Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.


O.J. Yap, New York City College of TechnologyOJ Yap Testimonial

I would call this a confirmation letter: I affirm every positive comment in the testimonials in this website. Eric does have a mastery in multiple languages and ability to teach them with a commanding pedagogy. A cultured person interested in all things, Eric is knowledgeable and has many engaging topics to bring to the table for my kids' lessons. Serious and earnest about his job, he is reliable and conscientious.

Until two years ago, my younger child had never had any instruction in French arid I learned that the school she was to attend abroad expected her to have French training. Eric was recruited for a quick fix during the summer and in the following semester I was happy to see her enjoying her French lessons in an advanced class with students who had been learning the language for quite a while. My older girl has also greatly benefitted from sessions with Eric. She thoroughly enjoys them as she is able both to study grammar systematically and to converse with a superb nativespeaker teacher, which is a vital experience for anyone learning a language. With his help, she excelled in the French Advanced Placement exam, without having taken AP French in school.

I consider myself very lucky that my casual online search for a teacher brought Eric to my kids. Anyone who needs a French instructor should look no further.

O.J. Yap Lecturer

OJ Yap Testimonial

Contact us at lessons@learnfrenchnyc.com or call 646-922-2915 for all inquiries or to book a lesson.


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